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There are several things that set us apart from most local or internet based watch/clock restoration shops, two of which are very critical in this business.

First of all, all of our repairs are done in-house. We do not outsource our work to other shops, or independents. Nowadays, the majority of online “watchmakers” do no service work at all, they instead take in work and expect it to be completed by inadequately trained watchmakers or hobbyists who do not have the skills or ability to accurately provide quality repair on any scale. Keeping all of our work in-house allows us to maintain the level of quality that we pride ourselves on.

Secondly (and most importantly), we are not only a shop of watchmakers and clockmakers, but are a group of watch and clock collectors and enthusiasts as well. We are as fanatical about watches and clocks (if not more so) than those we provide services for. Every restoration and repair is performed with the level of quality and accuracy we use on pieces from our own collections.

I have lost count of how many times I have received a watch for repair which was restored by local or online “experts” that has a poorly done or incorrect dial refinish, a poor re-lume job on the hands where there was no attempt to match the original dial at all, a replaced crown that is of the wrong type or that does not fit the case properly, the wrong style crystal for the watch, or one of the many other errors that show there was no attention to detail taken at the time the work was performed. The internet is full of places that will perform that level of work, and online auction/sales sites are littered with examples of it for sale. That is NOT the type of work that we provide, or sell examples of. Our focus is to restore watches and clocks to their former glory, so that they may be enjoyed for generations to come.
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